Sorry if it seems like I’m being super nit-picky about Doctor Who, but it also does really bother me how this season they consistently have the Doctor expressing that he doesn’t want to be hugged and Clara disregarding that and hugging him anyway.

As someone who dislikes being hugged and is constantly having to deal with people refusing to heed my requests that they refrain from hugging me, I really wish Doctor Who wouldn’t keep supporting the idea that people needn’t listen to you when you tell them not to touch you.



Young British Muslims tell the Islamic State: #NotInMyName

There’s a new trend taking over the social media pages of young British Muslims, and it’s targeted right at the Islamic State. 

As Mic has previously reported, there’s something troubling about calling this terrorist group the “Islamic State,” since they do not accurately represent Islam or Islamic beliefs, but a twisted and perverted interpretation of the global religion. 

So to combat this, young activists, led by Britain’s Active Change charity, are telling the terrorists to stop acting under the banner of Islam by circulating the hashtag #NotInMyName and calling out the group for “hiding behind a false Islam.”

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